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Who we are

We are an enthusiastic team of specialized individuals in the field of cultivation and product development. We operate from Greece and Switzerland to deliver high quality Greek organic products to European markets.

The proximity to both the production of our goods and to consumers allows us to respond to our customers’ needs with flexibility, speed and accuracy. Thus, consumers can enjoy the excellent quality of products from the fertile Greek land, and organic farming can continue to be an encouraging and satisfying occupation for the local producers.

Our Story

The idea to found ANYFION began in 2010

We could observe the steady fall in the prices of agricultural products that makes agriculture practicing costly and ineffective, and we wanted to offer a solution for the organic farmers in Argolida. Our vision was to interfere with the way prices of organic products are shaped by:

Seeking new markets abroad
Buying products “directly from the field”
Ensuring fair prices for the producers

Within a short period of time we achieved our primary goals and created a network of producers with whom we closely work together to deliver high quality organic products abroad.

Currently, we are testing new trading ideas towards establishing new rules in fair trade.

Core values

To reach our goals and ensure the success in our business, we closely follow our core values:

    Sustainability through long-term partnerships and innovative projects

    Fairness at all levels – producers, field workers, partners, consumers

    Promotion of organic farming and a healthy environment

Business activities

Our team is involved in and oversees all the steps of the value chain: production, processing, logistics, marketing and sales.

This guarantees a smooth and successful process where the consumers benefit from the traceability and high quality of our products.

Meet The Team

George Stergiou

CEO and co-Founder

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Raphael Sacher

Head of Projects

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Vagelis Kyriakou

Lead Agronomist

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Dimitris Aggelainas

Production Manager

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Nikos Prountzos

Marketing & Communication

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Marios Aggelopoulos

Agricultural Services

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Athanasia Savvati


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Ioannis Chatzopoulos


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Anastasia Mpiniari

Production Assistant

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Products overview

Our product line includes a large number of citrus fruits with several orange and mandarin varieties covering three seasons of the year. Kiwis and pomegranates feature our fall offering, whereas water-melons and grapes is our offering for summer. Apart from the seasonal fresh fruits, we offer olive oil in three different varieties, caper products and honey. Following our customers’ wish and demand, we constantly try to develop new products and bring them to the market.


We are proud of the close and sincere cooperation we have with an increasing number of producers. The mutual trust and dedication in our relationship have led to the wide range of excellent products that ANYFION currently offers.

Our producers have fully adopted the principles of organic farming and some of them are already practicing it for more than 20 years. Recently, several local producers have chosen organic farming over conventional farming, thanks to the positive impact of ANYFION and their belief in sustainable agriculture.

Research and Development

The purpose of the ANYFION experimental field, to which the principles of Syntropic Farming are applied, is to study whether this cultivation technique can have positive results in the cultivation of citrus fruits. Specifically, the co-cultivation of citrus fruits with various forest plants, shrubs, fruit and annual crops, can have multiple benefits at the field level. Increasing biodiversity is the key strategy, which is achieved uninterruptedly throughout the year. Each species individually, and according to its biological cycle and physiology, contributes to the improvement of soil quality, the function of microorganisms in it, the improvement of the microclimate and the preservation of soil moisture, the protection from adverse weather conditions. and extremes, to protect against citrus pests and diseases and to minimize (if not eliminate) the inputs required (fertilizers, plant protection products, irrigation water).
All the above parameters will be measured, evaluated and compared with the usual way of growing citrus, monoculture. The income that the cultivated land can have per acre, in the two different systems (syntropic farming / monoculture) will also be measured. The viability of this original citrus growing system is key.

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